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"Everything is self-evident." - Rene Descartes
Had It All.
Lost It All.
Tells It All.

Having worked his way to the pinnacle of leadership on Wall Street, running the largest Merrill Lynch retail office in the world, Joe was once numbered among the elites of the industry.

Putting clients and advisors first and implementing initiatives that pushed the envelope, Joe gained the respect of his constituents, but provoked the ire of his superiors, by failing to conform to the corporate agenda.

Edged out by those who had no appreciation for his integrity, he fought back and won. Eyes wide open, Joe has embraced an entirely new perspective on life that he shares through his writing and his work.



Joe's recommendations


by Ayn Rand
A government’s power to take away both intellectual property and creations is on full display in this epic novel of political greed, corruption and power in 1950’s America. Similarities with America today abound.


by John Steinbeck
A riveting American journey through the Great Depression. Simultaneously telling the story of a poverty stricken family while describing the country’s then current events. It’a an American classic with many paralells of poverty in current day America.


by George Orwell
The book that established “Big Brother” is a horrifying look at the evils of government and media, censorship and the “thought police”. Sound familiar? The same is happening today across the globe. Read it and see what we’re in for sooner than you know.

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